Thirteen? And it’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the fucking smuggest old black man public persona that I hate. Pull your pants up, black people. I was on TV in the ’80s. I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom. Yeah, but you raped women, Bill Cosby. So, brings you down a couple notches. I don’t curse on stage. Well, yeah, you’re a rapist, so, I’ll take you sayin’ lots of motherfuckers on Bill Cosby: Himself if you weren’t a rapist. …I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch Cosby Show reruns. …I’ve done this bit on stage, and people don’t believe. People think I’m making it up. …That shit is upsetting. If you didn’t know about it, trust me. You leave here and google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ It’s not funny. That shit has more results than Hannibal Buress.

Hannibal Buress, calling the shit out of bill cosby [x] (via bluemoonofkentucky)

I did not know this and now I am sad because I loved the Cosby Show so much up until I read this. :(

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It’s really bizzaro how even on a laptop tumblr shows you the mobile layout when you click on someone’s avatar, and then makes you click their username again in the top left to see the web version.

Is it because of all those awful layouts that are hard to read and navigate? Is it to save us from that?

O. It is.

Ocala Pride

I wish that I could say I enjoyed my local Pride more than I did. It felt like it was missing…. so much??

I showed up during the 2nd half, and maybe I missed everything… I don’t know. Pride should have people speaking about important issues and better music, and why was the music so damn loud? I had to yell into everyone’s ear and what if I just ate a quesadilla and don’t want to have to do that to communicate? Huh pride?? YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THAT I NEEDED TO BRING GUM AND READING MATERIAL TO THIS EVENT.

She said I just want someone true
She said I just want someone to
Smoke with me babe
And lay with me babe
And laugh with me babe
I just want the simple things

Cool moment in adult history

I’ve been doing freelance work for this guy, along with tutoring him on linking and basic html, and last night we launched his website.

He tried to do it on his own for about a year, and then decided to look for help. His family has been through a lot and they are hoping that this new site will be a source of income. After a couple of months of weekly meetings, we were able to finish up all the major things and launch.

The launch was a very sweet and accomplishing moment. He invited me to have dinner with him and his family. We took a few pictures, including one of us pressing the launch button.

It was a good moment, and it makes me happy to have helped give him and his family some hope.