- Tupac Shakur

First time I’ve seen this or heard anyone say it. I grew up in church, poor as shit, and this has always bothered me. They wouldn’t let my sister graduate from their school when she lost her scholarship, but all the pastors and their families have nice houses along with the latest and greatest. If you were poor it was because you were doing something wrong, blocking your blessings or whatever.

Everyone thinks I left the church because I “turned out gay” but that has nothing to do with the fact that most churches are filled with the most selfish, delusional assholes I have ever met.

There used to be a tracker on this blog. It told me almost anything I would like to know about a visitor. I made my first blog when I was 15, and it got a lot of traffic, so this has always been a natural thing for me to have.

About 3 months ago I removed it. I don’t want to know anymore. Instead I would like to clear the air and move on.

If you are here because we ended on bad terms, I am sorry. I have done a lot of shitty things, but in that moment I did not realize it.

If you’re here because you can’t take no for an answer, know that I don’t owe you anything. Take a deep breath and let it go.

If you are here because you enjoy watching me unravel, and hope I do it again soon, I feel sorry for you. You could spend all that wasted energy on something positive.

If you are here in good spirits, I am glad and I hope that you stick around.

I am just trying to survive the unfortunate parts of life and appreciate the good. My life has been a rollercoaster. There are things I wish I could forget and years that I can’t seem to remember. I have been selfish and guarded, but that was absolutely necessary. I will continue to find my peace, and I hope that you find yours.

I’ve had a bug bite on my leg for about 2 months. It’s healing at the speed of molasses.

Might be turning into spider woman soon, or have an experience of the fourth kind.

Playing Ingress makes you look sketchy.

Sorry I’m not sitting in this church parking lot looking for Jesus, I’m just hacking your portal?

Have you ever replayed a conversation in your head and then accidentally said part of it out loud…. around other people?

Breaking: old white man doesn’t like me

I accidentally moved into a neighborhood full of old white people.

Everyone seems nice, except for this one guy that is always cleaning his jeep and giving me the stink eye.

Tolerance isn’t good enough.

Tolerance is not a virtue.
It’s insulting.

Someone found my blog by searching “the most sinister woman to ever dance on the face of the earth.”

I’m the first result.


Just learned that my gym has this thing called Pizza Mondays. I guess I’m gonna start going to the gym on Mondays. I’ll be leaving with a gym bag full of pizza.

Just browsing Facebook.

Do you have a tumblr?

This girl just said “it hurt so bad, my eyes were watering. I think I was crying.”

Hump day thoughts

1. The cats and dog in this house are soooo needy, how the hell do people take care of children?

2. It must be nice to have a penis. But only in the sense that you have this thing attached to you that girls want to ride.

3. I’m listening to Pony by Ginuwine.

The fact that these pictures were taken only 6 months apart baffles me. Two completely different lives with the same ending.

Why am I always the last one to move out? And why do I always move so fast?

I’m living in a corner of this disappearing home, I feel like a ghost. Maybe next time I’ll sip love slow, like wine, instead of taking big reckless shots.